Friday, May 10, 2013

Well This is Embarrassing!

Today's topic is embarrassing moments.
You know, I love to read about other peoples embarrassing moments,
but reliving my own is another story.
However, I have decided to suck it up and be completely honest.
I've chosen two really awesomely embarrassing stories for you today.
Amazingly enough, they both revolve around me falling flat on my face.
Why is it that tripping seems to always be on the leader boards of embarrassing moments?
Or is it just me?
Totally and completely embarrassing story number one.
The lesser of two evils.
This one time..we were not at band camp.
In fact this story takes place well after my band camp days, in the good old college years.
If you happen to be my two best friends who were with me when this event happened,
you probably already know where I'm going with this.
It had been a really lovely evening.
Me and two of my best friends had been out enjoying a double header movie night.
We came home and parked and started the long walk back to our dorm room.
It was just a regular old sidewalk.
Nothing really that special about it.
No major slopes or steps.
Plain old, concrete sidewalk.
And somehow I managed to catch my toe just right,
or maybe it was just wrong?
and BAM I was on the ground.
My friends said it was like one minute I was there, walking beside them and the next, I was on the ground.
It's amazing how something as little as your toe can bring your entire body hurtling towards to ground.
Thank god the only two people that saw this were my friends!
We honestly had a good laugh out of it and we even made our own catch phrase for the wonderful event
"Bam, bitch went down."
And ever since that night that's all we have to say and we'll all be cracking up!
Totally and completely, really freaking embarrassing story number two.
This is the real deal. As in, you may need counseling to get past this.
This one time...not at band camp again,
but at our band and guard banquet night, I did NOT have a good banquet.
It started as a normal night. Everything was going fine.
To be honest I don't remember most of the event.  It was like, 11 years ago
so you'll have to bear with me.
All I really remember is that a bunch of us had just been up in front saying something to the entire banquet hall and on our way back to our seats I caught my foot on a chair leg and I was on the ground.
Yup, apparently that's just what I do.
And because we had just been addressing everyone, all eyes were on us as we walked back to our seats.
Nobody in the entire place missed it.
I was the color of a fire engine as I picked myself up off the group, brushed myself off and returned to my seat.  On that same night I spilled an entire cup of soda on my khaki colored pants.  That was fun too.
Overall not my best banquet. 
And in high school nonetheless!! You remember how it was,
everything was the end of the world and let me tell you, that night sure felt like it to me.
So there you have it.
My two most embarrassing moments.
I wish I could forget them but let's face it,
that's not happening anytime soon!
Tomorrow - Sell yourself in 10 words or less
Sell myself?
Guess we'll see how that goes!
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