Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm Really Sorry, Love Sirius.

I was a slacker yesterday.
And I have no legitimate excuse except that I was just plain lazy.
I started my post. I got tired. I went to bed.

So it's gonna be a double post kinda day.
First, in honor of the blog everyday in May challenge 
day 13, we're having a guest post of sorts.

issue a public apology to anyone

Well this apology is coming straight to me, via this blog
from Sirius. Because god knows he has some apologizing to do!
Just a little FYI - I thought I was being creative with this post,
my husband tells me I'm being a big cheater.

Dear Mom,

I'm really sorry I'm so ridiculously cute.  I know that sometimes my overwhelming handsomeness actually gets in the way of you saying 'no' when I do something "bad" (I put that in quotations because I'm pretty sure it actually never happens), getting ready in time in the morning because you're snuggling with me, or when you're paying attention to Orion and you just forget about him because you're overcome by my cuteness (it's never because I just butt in and get right in the middle of your snuggle time with him). So, I'm really sorry that I apparently have fantastic genes and that you're stunned by my beauty everyday.

(I know I never get in the way when you're trying to do stuff with Orion.)


I'm really sorry that everything falls off the table when I walk by.  I know it's not my fault because it's not like I ever touch anything (especially not with my ginormous butt) but I know it's frustrating for you when things just fly off the table as I walk by.  I especially never, ever, EVER touch dad's xbox remote and somehow it just always follows me right off the table. I'm thinking my coat actually has magnet powers.  You should look into that - maybe you could make some money to buy me more cookies.

I'm really sorry that I'm the best guard dog EVER. You see, where other guard dogs only alarm you when someone is actually at the front door, I alarm you whenever there's any noise so that you can better assess the situation.  Like, the washing machine making a weird noise downstairs, or when the wind make it sound like there's someone outside, or when Orion breathes heavy, making me think that he's seen something out the window, or when a doorbell rings on the TV.  Those are all times when other dogs would just sit back and let YOU find out whether it was a serious situation or not.  But not me.  I'm there for you, mom!

I'm really sorry that I panic every time you get out of the car. Even when we pull into the grocery store or a restaurant it just seems like you're never going to come back.  I mean, how am I supposed to know what happens in those buildings?! It seems pretty likely that it's something terrible and you're walking right into a bad situation.  So, I have to whine and alert you to the danger ahead.

I'm really sorry that sometimes I get really bad tunnel vision when I'm herding or chasing and I knock people or other animals over.  That's pretty much all I have to say about that one.  Just, sorry.


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  1. I LOVED this post! I can so see it being written by my dog as well!

  2. Haha, I have times like that a lot with this challenge. i start something awesome, get stuck, get lazy, give up and post later when I feel like it! :)