Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cara Box Reveal!!

Cara Box

This month was my second time participating in the 
Cara Box gift exchange, hosted by Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals.

I was matched with two lovely ladies and our goal was to get to know
each other and send our Cara Boxes out with items that have to do with this months theme.
This months theme was 'regional' so after getting to know my new blogger friends,
I started thinking of local things from around town and around Connecticut that I could send off.

Both times I've done the Cara Box exchange I've been partnered with some really awesome girls
This month I met Laura (I sent to her) and Amberly (she sent to me).

I always feel like Connecticut and New England have a very specific feel.  
You just can't get that feeling of crisp fall air, old colonial houses, clam chowder, 
and fresh ocean air anywhere else in the country.
I've lived here all my life, so I was super excited to be getting
Amerbly's box all the way from Utah!

We had some lovely email chats getting to know each other and
she did a great job sending me some really awesome stuff.
Although, we both agreed that this months theme was more 
challenging that we originally thought!

Here's what she sent me:

First she sent me some beautiful lavender for my garden!

And she sent me this awesome Stephen's hot chocolate.  
It's pretty funny she sent this actually because we used this exact brand of
hot apple cider mix for our wedding favors!
I had no idea it was made in Utah.

A 'hope' rock. 
To symbolize hope after Sandy Hook.
And we also may have had this little joke about me growing rocks in my garden.

And finally The Piano Guys CD!
Because I play the piano.
I've seen their videos before and these guys are insane!
Again, never new they were from Utah.

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  1. PS Your pictures are awesome! I need to do a better job about taking professional looking pictures for my blog :P