Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just A Moment, Please.

Day nine of the blog everyday in May challenge and today's topic is

share a moment in your day

You know, being a teacher I feel like I have a lot of shareable moments in my day.
Being a special education teacher makes that even more true.
My students are so awesome and so unique, it would be hard to pick just one moment to share with you guys.

But today, I've chosen not to tell you about my specific kids but rather, 
about all the kids in my school.

If you happen to be a teacher or know a teacher you may also know that this week is teacher appreciation week!! Woohoo! Go thank a teacher!
Because sometimes, we really just need to hear those two little words!

My principal, being the awesome person she is,
arranged an hour long luncheon for the entire staff today.
A whole hour - without kids!
To relax, and socialize, and eat and be stress free!

To accomplish this, she had the staff eat in two hour long shifts while support staff watched the kids in the cafeteria or the gym. I'm considered support staff since i don't have a classroom.  Which means I got to eat for an hour and then I was on movie duty in the gym for an hour.

Now, a little background on the kids I work with.
Our school would be considered 'inner city'.
The kids I work with are great but a lot of them have had some tough lives.
Some of them have had to grow up so fast and us teachers really see the toll it takes on them.
So today as I was sitting in the gym, watching the Smurfs with a big group of these kids,
I thought it was so incredible to see them laugh and have fun in such an innocent way.
Some of these kids, they know and have seen things that no kid should have to experience. In some cases, no person ever should have to experience.  I always love when I have a moment to just observe them truly being kids.  

Free, excited, innocent.
There's nothing like that feeling.

Tomorrow we're talking about our most embarrassing moments. Ugh!!

And stay tuned for an exciting announcement tomorrow!

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