Saturday, May 11, 2013

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Everyday in May challenge, day ten? Day eleven? I've lost count. 

You'll have to excuse my very limited post today. Jeremie and I are currently on our way to the city - and by the city I am of course referring to NYC. I forget that other people around the country probably don't consider NY the city but us connecticutites call NY the city.  As if there were no other cities to speak of? I dunno why we do that. 

Anyway, Jeremie and I are on the train as we speak for a very special Mother's Day celebration with his mom, so I'll be posting today's everyday in May challenge from my phone. 

Today were supposed to sell ourselves in ten words. And I thought the summary of my life in 250 words was difficult. Ten words?!? 

I've thought and thought but this challenge forces me to pull out the big guns. To pull out my secret weapon because my life just isn't that exciting.  Something I'm pretty sure most people are just a little bit jealous of because i can't see how someone wouldn't be. Here it goes. 

I have the cutest freaking dogs on the planet!!

Done. If that doesn't sell you, well then I'm just not sure what will. 

Sure, maybe I'm a little biased but who could resist these faces?

Not me. That's for sure!!!

Happy early mothers day to all the moms out there!! Hopefully this post turns out ok but I'm going to apologize in advance in case it gets all screwy. Sometimes the blogger app just can't be trusted!

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