Sunday, May 12, 2013

For My Mom.

Now, what kind of daughter would I be without giving a shout out
to the best mother ever on mothers day?

Not a very good one, that's for sure.

My mom is the best.
No, seriously. She really, really is.

She has always been there for me.
She has always supported me even when I made decisions that weren't so great.
She's been my should to cry on (which I needed a lot)
She's always there when I need to vent, or to talk or to just be angry!

My mom understands me.
Even if she's really different from me and she probably
can't totally relate to everything I'm feeling sometimes,
she always seems to get it.

When I was in high school,
I remember listening to her while she described me to another person
and I thought 'holy crap! I didn't even realize that about myself',
until she pointed it out.

My mom is just great 
and I don't know where I would be today without her.
So this one's for you, Mom.

Love you <3

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  1. Aw that is sweet and you look so pretty in your wedding dress!