Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Newlywed Blog Hop - Advice For The Wedding!

Linking up with Kelly and Cheltee today for the Newlywed Blog hop!

This weeks questions is:

What type of advice did you get on your wedding day?

On my wedding day?  

Go make babies!  Hah!

No, but seriously, I didn't really get much advice on my wedding day. But I did get a bit of advice before my wedding day. One of the biggest pieces of advice I got (and it was from A LOT of people) was sit down and enjoy your dinner.  However, we all know how that turned out.  And if you don't know how that worked out, check it out here or here.

Because I followed the advice I was given, I ended up getting sick at my wedding and missed 45 minutes of my reception.  It is quite literally the only thing that was wrong with my wedding.  So if I were going to give advice to future brides I would definitely say listen to your body.  If it's telling you DON'T EAT IF YOU WANT TO ENJOY YOUR DAY. Then don't eat.  I mean, don't make yourself pass out or anything but your body knows what's right for you and it will try and tell you.  Listen to it.

I was also advised to take a few steps back a couple times throughout the night and just watch everyone else enjoying themselves.  It's a really hard thing to do.  It doesn't sound like it, but it is.  Jeremie and I were able to take a step back twice and just watch and it was definitely a memorable moment from our wedding.  

Even when we didn't step off to the side I would make these little notes in my head, like "you need to remember this moment".  Like watching my dad do Gagnam Style with us.  Or watching my 9 year old cousin break dance and everyone cheer for him.  I didn't sit back and watch those moments.  I was apart of them but I made sure to keep a mental video of it in my head.  

So that's my advice.  
Listen to your body.
Sit back and observe just a couple times.
Take mental notes.  

It goes by fast and you want to remember everything!
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