Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thriftable Thursday.

It's Thursday again and I'm officially on snow day number five!  They originally called school off for tomorrow too, but they are readdressing that as we speak.  So there's hope that I will be in tomorrow!  I know you're probably all wishing I would stop complaining about time off but the fact of the matter is, the more snow days we take now the more we chip away from vacations later in the year.  And let me tell you, when you work with kids everyday you NEED those vacations! On top of it, when the days are unplanned (not to mention you have three feet of snow on the ground outside) there's not much you can get done.  But I'm making the best of it and I've been doing some errands, cleaning and getting some DIY projects started, so that's all very well and exciting!

Because of all my time off this week I was actually able to get to Savers and do a little thrifting and I'm super excited to say that I have an awesome thriftable to share with you today.  I actually went to Savers to look for a pot for a house plant I have and because I went looking for a pot, I of course came away with a new coat.  I just never actually seem to buy what I went there looking for!

So here's the coat:

Cute, right?  And here's the best part - it was 12 bucks!   You really just can't beat the price.  It looks brand new, it was the perfect size and I have nothing like it in my closet.  There was just no way I wasn't getting this coat.  So, at least I got something accomplished this week and I'm pretty damn happy with my purchase!  

Happy Thursday everyone!
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