Monday, February 11, 2013

Instagramazing Blizzard Weekend!

Linking up with Karla and Nicole today for Instagramazing and man, it's been an interesting weekend.  This is one that truly needs to be described with pictures because describing it in words just wouldn't do it justice.  As you all know, we were slammed with a massive blizzard this weekend which ended up dumping about 30 inches of snow on us.  It was pretty crazy!  
Here's some of the best pictures from my weekend:
Friday - Blizzard Day:

I'm including Friday pictures because we had no school, so I'm counting it as part of the weekend!

 Just a guess, but I think it might snow?

 My first attempt at making homemade granola bars.  These are S'mores bars and they are freaking delicious!  I swear I'll never buy store bought granola bars again!

 Batch number two - peanut butter!

I'm so bored.  Why can't we go outside?

Saturday - The Day After Tomorrow:

My first look outside.  It was a surprise to say the least! Those are our cars and the snow is up to the bottom of the window!

 Can't I just stay and drink my coffee in my nice warm blanket?  The snow can clean up itself!

 My poor sister.  

 The final total.  Maybe?  The National Weather Service had us at 30 inches but really, what's three inches at this point?

 Oh you know, just hanging out on top of the car.  No biggie.  

There's no place to go!!

Showin my Newtown love!  Found my magnet under 2 feet of snow!

Ummm, dad...what happened to the road?

Sunday - Cleanup Day Number Two:

Massive icicles!  

That's all I got.  We don't have school again today but there's really only so many pictures you can take of snow or the dogs.  So that's it.  Hope you all survived the storm ok and you're all cleaned up!  
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  1. Love it!
    Glad we both made the best of things during the blizzard!
    Looove your dogs! So cute! That magnet... I want one!