Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Date By Any Other Name.....

Is still a date, right?  It's Sunday and that means you can most likely find me sitting at a table in the library doing school work.  Sounds like a bummer and it definitely used to be.  For the past couple of years, I've been working on my masters all alone with no one to share my pain.  But this year, my husband started his masters and now I have a date every Sunday at the library.  

It's interesting because I used to dread going to the library (or Starbucks, as it used to be before Jeremie started coming along and he can't work at Starbucks because "it's too loud and busy to concentrate") but now I actually look forward to our Sunday school work time.  In my head I've actually started referring to it as our Sunday Library Dates and it got me thinking...

Is a date only when we go out to dinner and a movie?  Or can it be other things?  Jeremie and I are always together.  And I mean always.  His mom once referred to us as "sardines".  It's just who we are as a couple and we like it that way.  But if we're always together, when are we dating?  Is it dating when we go to target to pick up a few things?  Is it dating when we take the dogs for a walk?  Is it dating when we're at the grocery store, or the library, or at my parent's house?  And then I realized, we make a lot of things into dates.

When we go to the grocery store we like to play a guessing game with the self scanner things.  We walk in and go to the giant rack of self scanners and we each guess which scanner we thing we'll get.  Whoever guesses closer to the scanner that we actually get after we swipe our card wins.  We actually used to bet things on this but we haven't done that lately. 

We also used to race in the self check out line to see who could swipe their credit card and get through the whole check out process first.  We actually had one lady who worked at Stop & Shop who used to watch us all the time and she'd get a good laugh out of it.  Then we got a joint checking account and that fun tradition stopped. That makes me a little sad :(

So I guess a date is whatever you make it. If Stop & Shop is date time then the library must be date time as well.  And is that so wrong?  That I go on dates with my husband to the library?  Does that make us boring people?  I don't think so.  I think it's just one thing that we do in our relationship that brings us even closer together.  Jeremie is literally my best friend and who's better to go to the library with for four hours than your best friend?  At least you can keep each other sane!

Do you and your significant other have any quirky dates?  
I'd loooovvve to hear about them!

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  1. This is one of the best posts about dating that I think I have ever read. Oh my goodness, and we do the SAME thing with the self scanner at Stop and Shop. We always guess which one is going to light up after you scan your card!! TOO Funny!!! Seriously, it sounds like you two have SO much fun together. This was so so refreshing to read. =D