Monday, February 18, 2013


I'm not gonna lie, my weekend was not Instagramazing.  In fact, I was a downright slacker in my instagraming this weekend.  So this weeks link up with Karla and Nicole isn't quite an Instagramazing weekend, per se.  I like to think of it more as an Instagramazing week.  Trust me, if I just gave you my weekend pictures you'd be bored to death.  And in my defense (although I guess there's always something to Instagram) I really didn't do anything this weekend worthy of an Instagram picture.  

However, I'll leave you with this - 
On my honor, I will try to have a better Instagramazing weekend next week. 
But for this week, here's what I got:

Earlier in the week I made some kick ass signs for my mom and aunt to carry during a march at our state capital.  They turned out awesome and my mom and aunt loved them!  See what I can do with all this time off?!

I celebrated my hard work that night with two of my favorite things - 
wine and piano.  Not sure you can go wrong with that combo.

For or first Valentine's Day as a married couple we really didn't do anything special.  The hubs was super sick so we just went simple and stayed in to have a nice, quiet dinner.  

Jeremie got me some beautiful flowers and left me a trail of messages to find as I came into the house. So sweet! 

I made him some delicious brownie cupcakes (brownie on the bottom, cake on the top).
Totally scrumptious.

Today I snapped this picture of Orion in just about the weirdest position I've ever seen him in.
I'm not sure how he didn't break his neck or his spine or at least pull a muscle or something!

I spent my day working on a fun project which involves....wait for it, wait for it -

Paper Cranes!!

These are Sandy Hook paper cranes and I'm working on a little DIY project so I can eventually put them in my classroom.  There will be a post about the final product, so keep an eye out!
How pretty are they?! I love them.

So that was my Instagramazing week.
Hope you enjoyed :)
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  1. The brownie cupcake looks TO DIE FOR! My husband isn't a big sweets person, so I would eat them all, which my hips don't need! Now I need to find a reason to make them :)