Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

Three posts in one day?  That's unheard of!! But I have to post because today is a super important day and I feel kind of like an awful person because I totally forgot about it until 20 minutes ago.  Today is my crazy, ridiculous, super clumsy, snugly, super special puppy's fourth birthday!!! I don't know how it happened so fast but it's true. I think I may have subconsciously forgotten about his birthday on purpose thinking if I ignored it, it wouldn't happen and he would stay three forever.  Oh we'll, you gotta give a girl props for trying right? Since most of you have never actually met Sirius, here's some fun stuff about him:

Full name: 
Sirius Lee Black White And Brown Tomasko-Hittenmark

A fun story about the name - I originally named Sirius after Sirius Black from Harry Potter (yes I know I'm a dork and I'm damn proud of it). Shortly after I got him my roommate started calling him Sirius Black Tomasko which I thought was funny because I never intended his name to be Sirius Black.  He was just Sirius,  but it stuck and then eventually we thought it would be funny to call him Sirius Lee because, well, you get it. But we didn't want to lose the Sirius Black so we called him Siriusly Lee Black.  And that didn't sound right either!!!! So we added the other colors and he was Sirius Lee Black White And Brown Tomasko. And then I got married and he became Sirius Lee Black White And Brown Tomasko-Hittenmark.  So that's how it happened. Man, I could have a show dog with a name like that! 

The first day I met Sirius.
Look how teeny and cute he was!

 February 17th, 2009

Australian Shepherd (and man does he herd!)

Big Butt

 He will always walk toward you in the shape of a c with his butt curved toward the front.  Weird. 
He LOVES to snuggle.  
He HATES to get his feet wet.
Loves Obsessed with rocks. 
Runs into everything. The door, the door frame, the coffee table, chair, 
the fireplace, other dogs, your legs.  You name it, he's run into it. 
Always in the way.  ALWAYS.  
Always up for a game of hide and seek. Better known in our house as "Where's Mom?"  

His favorite spot to sleep as a puppy.  He is a weirdo.

Got himself a little brother
Butts - oh yea, you heard right.  Want him to go away? Just point your butt at him and he'll run. 
Anything that beeps or "scary" noises in movies or on TV.
When people wear masks or hoods. (it's all good fun when we put masks on and walk around the house....I swear I don't torture my dog)
The faucet. 
True Story:

I asked my husband to recall a funny story to share with you guys about Sirius and he gave me about ten so I chose one I think was the funniest.  This one time we were playing a game of hide and seek and the boys were looking for Jeremie.  Our front door was open with the screen door shut but our back door, which is where they would usually go in and out of was closed.  I think this made Sirius worried that he wouldn't be able to get into the house in the case of an emergency.

Jeremie whistled to give the boys a hint as to where he was and Sirius, being the panic driven dog that he is, freaked out and for some reason thought Jeremie had gone into the house.  He literally tore right through the screen door to get into the house without even noticing he had disturbed anything.  This would have been an epic way to find someone in a game of hide and seek, had he actually found Jeremie in the house.  However, Jeremie was outside and Sirius was not the one who found him.  I'm pretty sure he was scared to go back through the screen to get out of the house once he had ripped through it too.  Epic hide and seek fail.

Oh man, he's our special boy and we couldn't love him more.  
Happy Birthday, Sirius!
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