Monday, February 25, 2013


I missed all my usual posts this weekend, The Newlywed Game link up, Wedding Weekend, Instagramazing Weekend, and I'm a little sad about it.  

But I had good reasons so today's post will be short.  Just want to bring you guys up to date on what kept me away from blogging this weekend.  

This is Jake. 
We like to call him Bub.  
We got him when I was a sophomore in high school.  I went to this thing called work camp every summer - I know, it sounds bad but I promise it's not. I went for a week with my youth group to rebuild houses for people less fortunate - anyway, when I came home from camp that summer there was a furry little fluff ball waiting for me.  

On Sunday, at almost 12 years old, Jake lost his battle with cancer.  
It was very, very fast.  Just a few days ago my mom said he was riding in the back of the car with his head out the window.  

He was a great dog.  Challenging, but great.

He used to run after deer in my parents back yard and he would be yipping along behind them as he ran.  You know how dogs sound when they are starting to fall asleep and they begin dreaming?  That was Jake chasing after the deer.  Only louder!

He used to sing while I played the piano and every time a siren went by within ear shot.
He chased the waves when we walked along the Housatonic or when we took him to the beach.
He wasn't a huge fan of other dogs but he loved his family pack - Sirius, Orion and Savannah, my sister's dog.  

I know he's happier and much more comfortable now and that makes it a little easier.  But Jake was a really special dog.  He was just so full of quirks and personality and we're going to miss him so much. 

Love you, Bub <3
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