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Five Random Facts - A Wedding Weekend Post.

I had this idea to do as part of my wedding weekend posts and I'm seriously thinking about making it a link up at some point in the future.  Unfortunately I don't have enough followers at the moment to actually do a link up but hopefully at some point I will!

Today, instead of writing about one of the gazillion DIY projects I did for my wedding I'm going to write about five random facts I bet you didn't know about my wedding.  When you start planning a wedding you know it's going to be a massive undertaking but I don't think any bride actually accepts that until she's fully engulfed in the processes and probably completely overwhelmed with everything.  Hopefully by posting my five random facts it will bring to light some things that will help future brides be ready for the planning process and for the unexpected things that come up!

1. Your gut is always right (when it counts).

My gut instinct is always wrong.  If I choose a line at the grocery store and my husband waits in one next to me, he will always get to checkout first.  When we play a game and we'e on the same team Jeremie will ask me to guess the correct answer to a question and then he'll go with the opposite answer.  I dunno what it is but my gut is always wrong.  About a month before our wedding I had the strongest feeling it was going to rain on our wedding day.  I took comfort in knowing that my gut is consistently incorrect.  But apparently when it matters my gut can actually be right because not only did it rain on our wedding day but it was like a monsoon!  During our ceremony we could actually hear the rain pounding on the roof and my husband and I had a good laugh about it.  So, if your gut is telling you something about your wedding, you better listen to it! And start preparing!
The guest book at our wedding - almost complete!

2. DIY projects are super fun and personal but holy crap do they take a lot of time!

Our guest book (which I'll do a tutorial on in the future) took me at least 15 hours to complete.  Don't get me wrong - it was totally worth it - but when I started it I definitely didn't think it would take that long!

3. Personal touches make everything more fun.

The song I walked down the aisle to The Wedding Song by Paul Stookey was the song my mom and dad walked down the aisle to, as well as my sister and Jeremie's parents.  No one else at our wedding may have know that but we did and so it was extra special to us.  It's a moment we won't forget.

4. If your body tells you something, go with it!

So many people told us that the one thing we had to do at our wedding was enjoy our dinner because lots of people are so busy they don't even eat at their weddings.  I took this to heart and on my wedding day sat down to dinner not feeling bad but also not feeling at all hungry.  But everyone said I would regret not eating and so I forced a few bites down.  As soon as I did I knew it was a mistake.  For the next 45 minutes I was stuck upstairs sick and not enjoying my reception, downing ginger ales, Tums and Pepto Bismol like nobody's business.  Luckily, I had some awesome bridesmaids who helped me out, an amazing husband who stalled our guests and I started to feel better and was able to enjoy the rest of my reception.  So, go with what your body tells you.  Not saying I wouldn't have gotten sick if I hadn't eaten but who knows?

5. Being set in your ways doesn't help anyone.

I'm a person of routines and I tend to get stuck in my head a lot.  Luckily my husband is good at fixing that.  Jeremie and I were engaged for 3 and a half years before we got married so we had a long time to talk about what we wanted in our wedding.  Right from the beginning Jeremie wanted personalized vows and I wanted traditional vows.  I knew if I wrote and tried to speak my own vows I would be an emotional wreck.  But over time I came around to the idea and we compromised by doing both types of vows.  I was able to mentally prepare myself for saying my vows and even though I broke down a little I was able to make it through my vows.  It ended up being one of my favorite things about our ceremony.  I loved telling Jeremie how I felt and I loved saying it in front of everyone so they could hear how wonderful I thought he was and how lucky I felt. When it comes to your wedding having an open mind can make all the difference.

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