Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Letters.

Yesssss it's Friday!  Here are my Friday Letters this week:

Dear Homework Assignments, any chance you can get yourself done while I sleep?  Maybe?  Dear Baked Goods for the Cut-A-Thon Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to spending some time in the kitchen making you this afternoon.  I'm selling you to people for charity so all I'm asking is that you do everything in your power to turn out good.  You can take care of that, right? Dear Sirius, I know you haven't been out for a while and you have a ton of pent up energy but barking at every noise you hear, whining when I walk by the back door and shoving past me on my way out of the house will not give me more daylight to take you for a walk after work.  You have roughly a month and a half till daylight savings time,  you can do it.  Dear Long Weekend, thank you! Dear Jury Duty, most people hate you, but I'm ok with you, so no worries. See you next Wednesday.

Happy Friday everyone!

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