Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thriftable Thursday!

Today's thriftable thursday is one I have been putting off for quite some time, not because I had better things to post about or because I didn't have time to post about it but because I could not find the item I wanted to post about!

I have been hunting for one of my favorite pairs of boots since November when it was officially acceptable to wear boots again, and I was heartbroken when I couldn't find them anywhere.  They weren't in the crawl space in a box full of winter clothes. They weren't at the top of my closet with the rest of my boots.  They weren't under my bed in my Shoes Under - yup, I said it, I use an as seen on TV product to organize my shoes and I'm damn proud of it.  My favorite boots were missing, never to be seen again!

Photographs by Marisa Pellerin Photography
Check her out here.  She's an awesome photographer!
Come to find out, they WERE under my bed, in between my two Shoes Under shoe organizers.  I found them not too long ago when my husband and I were doing a complete cleaning of our room. We removed our mattress and box spring to sweep under the bed and there they were!  They were right there the whole time! But you know what they say, and I can honestly say it is a truth that absence makes the heart grow fonder and I have officially fallen for my boots all over again.

This pair of boots was one of the first items I purchased at a thrift store that wasn't a joke or part of a Halloween costume. I got them for $15 dollars at Plato's Closet which is a thrift store that specializes in "younger" clothing such as Abercrombie, Aeropostale and American Eagle.  It's a really great store but they don't sell their stuff for super cheap, but it is very reasonable for the type of clothing they sell. You can also sell your clothing to them which is pretty cool!

I purchased these boots about 2 years ago and I still wear them several times a week.  Actually, I wore them today and noticed that they are finally beginning to show some wear and tear which made me very sad.  I've received tons of compliments on them and people ask me all the time where I got them.  I always answer honestly so I can tell people about the awesome deal I got. I love telling people about my thrifting adventures!  It never gets old!

Happy Thursday, everyone!  

Anyone doing any thrifting this weekend?  If so, please do share!

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