Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bet You Didn't Know...

A while ago I did a little post called Five Random Facts.  I intended to do multiple segments of this post but I have been drawing a serious blank on what my next Five Random Facts post should be.  And tonight it just hit me.  Like, right in the face.  BAM. 

My five random facts don't have to be some life altering, prophecy fulfilling event.  It can be something as simple as what I do in my daily routine.  So that's what I present to you today:

Five Random Facts About My Day

Jeremie will ALWAYS make fun of me for my daily routine.  Admittedly, I live for my routines.  If I'm even the tiniest bit thrown off, it tends to put me into a bad mood.  I hate, hate, HATE not having part of my routine.  What can I say?  I'm a creature of habit. 

Being that we're both teachers and we both work with Autistic kids (who we LOVE because they're the best), Jeremie jokes about me having some tendencies that are "on the spectrum".  Ha. Ha. Jeremie.  You're just so funny. I'm pretty sure he actually thinks my routines are cute even if he'd never say that.

Anyway, here are my Five Random Facts:

I make everything for the next morning at night.  

I put everything in the coffee pot and turn on the timer.  
I make my lunch and put it in the fridge.
I lay out my outfit for the next day.
And I make sure everything I need in my school bag is ready to go.
This is all pretty much in an effort to get up and out of the house in 30 minutes so I can sleep as late as humanly possible.  But I also just like to have everything done ahead of time.

My bed NEEDS to be made.  Everyday.

I will not even sit in my bed until I've made it.  
Jeremie sleeps later than me so even on days where I can't make it before I leave, I make it when I come home at night.  I actually read a study that said making your bed everyday can make you happier.  
Yup, that's right.  Make your bed boys and girls.

Before I leave the house in the morning I do a mental checklist.

Water. Check.
Coffee. Check.
Breakfast. Check.
Lunch. Check.
Phone. Check
Keys. Check
iPad. Check.

Every. Day.

I watch GMA every morning.

I love Good Morning America.  It's my go-to morning news show and I watch it every morning. 
I don't even care that most of the time I'm running around getting everything ready to go and I actually only catch 2 or 3 news stories.  And even those I don't hear completely.  I figure, as long as I get the main idea that's all that counts.

I have a bedtime routine.

Usually I play a game for a little while.  Right now it's Plants vs. Zombies.
Read for a while.
Turn on the fan  - I have to sleep with a fan on.  When I go to a place that doesn't have a fan I usually have a small panic attack.  One time our power went out and Jeremie found me an app for white noise.
Take off glasses.  
Drink some water.
Turn off the light.

Every. Night.

So those are my five random facts.  Bet you didn't know I was that into my routines, huh?  
Do you guys have routines?

I'd love to hear about them!
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