Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Double Whammy.


And I feel like I need to shout it out so everyone knows about it.
In the course of about four hours I caught up on shows (I don't know if this actually counts towards productivity, but hey, I'm going with it), showered, found the remaining info for my tax return, finished my FAFSA, finally got my team all registered for the Sandy Hook Run For The Families, sent multiple e-mails to people regarding said run, prepped for the morning, cooked dinner, caught up on blog reading, fed the dogs, got ready for some cool stuff coming up this month including some blogger exchanges that I will be telling you about right here and now I'm writing this post.

When was the last time you were that productive?  

You know when you are super productive and you feel really energized because of it?  That's how I'm feeling right now.  I feel like I could work straight through the night and feel great.  I know this isn't actually true. In about an hour I'll be in bed and trying to get through my chapter of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (yes, I'm reading it again.  Don't judge), and I won't be able to keep my eyes open to save my life. 

On top of the fact that I am ridiculously overly exorbitantly excited about all that I accomplished tonight we're also supposed to get snow tomorrow night.  I know most people are done with snow at this point, especially after Nemo slammed us with enough snow for the entire season.  But I LOVE snow.  I would take it in July if it were so inclined to show up at that time.  And hey, if it's still gonna be cold - which, it will be because it's March - it might as well snow on top of it. 

But, Saturn - that's it's name - you better not cause any more snow days!  11 is enough this year!

Now onto the point in this post. Aside from the fact that March is my most hated of months, I am doing some pretty cool stuff including TWO blogger gift exchanges!! 

How exciting is that?!?
Not one, but two.  And they are my first ever gift exchanges.
Get excited here, people.

The first will be....

Cara Box

The Cara Box with Kaitlyn at Wifesessionals.

Kaitlyn is one of my favorite bloggers.  I look forward to reading her blog everyday so if you have a sec, check it out.  She had the awesome idea to do Cara Box exchanges every month.  

The word (or name?) Cara means beloved friend.  
The goal of the Cara Box exchange is for bloggers to get to know one another by creating fun gifts for other bloggers.  And most importantly it's to show each other that we are all friends and we all care!

It's so positive. How can you go wrong?
I will be doing a reveal post later this month to show you all what I got in my Cara Box!

The second exchange I'm doing is called...

the covert robin button

The Covert Robin: A Mystery Gift Exchange with

The Covert Robin is a little different than the Cara Box Exchange.  For the Covert Robin each blogger has no idea who they are receiving their box from.  And it's all homemade gifts!  Which, if you've read my blog you know is right up my alley.  I haven't decided what I'll be making my partner yet but I've got some pretty good ideas going.  And with Pinterest the possibilities are pretty much endless.

I've never participated in a gift exchange with other bloggers before but I'm so excited about these.  You get to make fun gifts, receive fun gifts and make blogging friends!
It's pretty awesome.

And even as I'm writing this my productivity high from the night is wearing off.
I'm fading.

The glass of wine probably doesn't help :)
Until tomorrow!
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  1. OH BOY! I did the Double Whammy TOO! I signed up for both of those exchanges!Just watch out because Blog Swaps are Catching, I mean in a good way but you can get addicted fast!