Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Getaway :: Sensational.

Before I tell you about my awesome weekend, I need to start with a little back story.  Back in December Jeremie and I went to a tribute night for Sandy Hook which was put on by a friend from high school.  It was an awesome night.  They had a great turn out, I'm sure they raised a ton of money for Sandy Hook and we all got to catch up with old high school friends.  It was just nice.  Have you every had a night like that?  Just nice.  I love nights like that.

Anyway, we went to this Sandy Hook night and they had a pretty decent sized silent auction and a raffle.  Jeremie and I weren't planning on bidding on any of the auction items since money is a little tight.  Especially since Jeremie started his masters program which is a full time, unpaid internship.  But hey, it was to benefit my hometown so we bid on a few items.  One of them was a two night stay in Stowe, Vermont.  We bid on it a couple of times and WE WON!!

Best. Decision. Ever.

So we went away from that night a little tipsy, having had a great time and with a two night stay in Stowe on the horizon. Not too bad.  

This weekend we went on our trip and it was FANtastic.  So amazing.  The hotel we stayed at was right on the mountain.  We could literally walk out onto the mountain, put on our skis and go! It had an outdoor heated pool and hot tubs that overlooked the mountain.  We went swimming on Friday night after our long drive but it was so windy out that we were freezing for the most part.  So we called it quits and tried again the next day.  We had better success with that after a long day of skiing and not so much wind.

We had two awesome dinners.  One of which was at the top of the mountain and we got to take the gondola up!  They give you a blanket to snuggle with and a lantern to give you a little light but we didn't use it.  We just admired the lights of the town all the way up.

And the skiing was amazing.  It was about 50 degrees so after about an hour of sweating our butts off we went inside to strip everything off.  We went back out in just out hoodies and skied the rest of the day like that.  If you're a skier you know that this is the best feeling ever.  

So, all in all we had a super, super, SUPER weekend.  It was great.  .  

Our back yard on Friday.  Thanks to this lovely weather we were able to leave at 1 pm instead of 5 pm.  
This is the ONLY reason I am happy we had snow day number 12(?) on Friday.  I lost count.

You know we just had to take these classics.  

The pool at the hotel, overlooking the slopes.
Pretty awesome!

Enjoying the view at the very top of the mountain!

The view from the gondola on our way up to dinner.
It looked better in person!

Quite possibly Jeremie's favorite store in Vermont.

Goin' on a tour!

I like this picture primarily because we both look slightly insane.
We got to try a "top secret" Ben & Jerry's flavor at the end of the tour which was a pretty great way to end our vacation.

Hope you guys all had an awesome weekend too!    

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  1. OMG! You were a stones throw away from my home! (Well a little more than a stones throw) I live in Bristol VT. You captured some beautiful pictures of my home state!