Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wedding Weekend

It's Saturday and quite honestly, I couldn't be happier about it!
This week seemed so long and yet it flew by at the same time.

I officially have 8 weeks left of the school year.
8 weeks until summer vacation.
8 weeks until I can really relax.
8 weeks until I start my summer job which I seriously start looking forward to in February.
8 weeks until guaranteed summer weather. Beautiful, warm, green, bright glorious summer weather.
Can you tell I'm sick of Spring?
Maybe it's because we haven't really had a Spring.

Anyway, at this point in the school year I LIVE for my weekends.
Not only because it's a small taste of what's coming my way in 8 weeks but also because with some (kinda) nice weather I can finally start getting outside and doing the stuff I love like hiking and gardening and reading in the sun. And I'm extra super excited that it's Saturday because it's always a good excuse to talk about some wedding stuff with a wedding weekend post!!

If you've ever read some of my wedding weekend posts
like this one....
or this one....

You know that I loved every single detail about my wedding.
I mean, honestly, what girl doesn't?

But I didn't just love my wedding because I was getting married or I got to wear a big, white wedding dress. It was because I made every detail of my wedding super personal.
Everything at my wedding meant something to me. 
Because it represented something special, because I made it with my own two hands, because I spent so much time on it. 
You only get one wedding, right?

So I want to share with you one teeny tiny aspect of my wedding that made my day a little extra special. My table numbers.

Ok, they don't sound like anything special.
What's in a table number?
You print out a piece of paper with a big number, frame it and put it on the table, right?

Not me.

I had a pretty specific theme to my wedding.


And I knew I wanted everything in my wedding to fit in with that theme.
Apple centerpieces, apple colors, apple drinks, and you guessed it, apple table numbers.

My table numbers were actually really simple.
Here's how they looked...

And here's how I made them:

one. I bought some mini apple crates at Michael's for a buck each. 

two. The crates were not a very pretty color.  They were just plain wood so I stained them to make them more rustic.

three. I painted the numbers and a different variety of apple onto each crate with plain old acrylic paint.

four. I threw in some fake fall leaves (also purchased at Michael's and originally in the form of a fall garland. I just ripped off the leaves) and some apples on top of the leaves.

My original plan for my wedding was to use real apples for everything and donate them to a soup kitchen after the wedding.  However, this would have meant buying a loooottttt of apples really close to my wedding and it would have probably cost a pretty penny.

I lucked out and found some fake apples, on clearance at the Christmas Tree Shop. 
Who would have thought?

So that's it.  They were pretty simple and they added a nice touch to my fall, apple themed wedding. 
Man, writing all of this really makes me miss the wedding planning process.  Not all the small, obnoxious details but definitely all the DIY stuff.

Anyone want me to do some DIY for their wedding? ;)
Happy Saturday everyone!
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