Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Close Call.

It's almost May and I am literally within 24 hours of forgetting to post about one of the blogger gift exchanges I participated in last month. I really just have no idea where my brain has gone to recently. I might lose my head if it wasn't attached.

Like, I just have absolutely no idea where my head is recently.
I keep getting ideas for upcoming posts and then within two seconds I totally forget what they were.
Even if I was making every effort to write down my ideas, I couldn't write them down fast enough.


My brain needs to get out of Winter/laziness mode and get it's act together.
Anyway, in March I participated in the Covert Robin blogger gift exchange.
It's hosted by a ton of awesome bloggers.

Here they are....

Cassie, Clara Courtney, Jane, Jill, Karen, Kelley
Melissa, Rachael and Stephanie.

Whew. That's a lot of great blogs for you to go check out!
There are two major things that set this exchange apart from the other exchange I participated in in March. They were both awesome exchanges but this one was different because...

one. Your partner is a complete secret.  It's like secret Santa. 

In March!!! (need I say more?)

two. It's all homemade gifts!!

When I received the name of the person I would be sending to I started stalking their blog day and night.  I got my gift all ready and sent it out (more on that later) and prepared myself to wait for the gift I would receive.  As March rolled on in I waited and waited and one rainy, gloomy, ugly March day I had a surprise in my mailbox.

It was so perfect and exactly what I needed on a cold March day.  It was like a little bit of Springtime coming my way in the form of a package.  The name of my secret blogger partner is Melissa and she sent me the most fantastic things!!

First she sent me this really awesome pen roll up.  She found out that I was a teacher and decided this would be an appropriate gift.  She was completely right but now I need to hide it from Jeremie so he doesn't try and steal the pens she sent me.  

Here it is unrolled with all my new pens!!

She also sent me a pin book which is basically a little cloth book with felt pages for me to stick my pins in when I'm sewing.  Why have I never thought of this before?!? Genius.

I'm pretty confident this one is not homemade but it's still a fabulous gift.  
It's a teeny pocket size notebook which is perfect for jotting down blog notes AND it matches my pen roll up (kinda).

Finally, she sent me a neck warmer and a winter head band!!! 
I could not love these two things more. 
Melissa wrote that she was hoping I would have some time to wear them this year and of course, right after I got her package we had a streak of 70 degree weather.  
Oh well.  These will be the first two things I whip out next November. 

So I just had to share with you all about this awesome gift exchange.  
It was a great first secret blogger experience!
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