Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Can't Believe....

I've been on the look out for a couple of weeks now for some new link ups to jump into.
Partly because I'm looking for fun ideas to write about and partly because I love link ups!
Today I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers, Karla did a link up called

This link up comes from Robin at The Sunshine Diary
 It's funny because I stumbled upon her blog just recently and I stumbled upon it again today when I was looking for some info on this link up.  Needless to say it might be time to start reading her blog more often since I've accidentally found it twice in the last week and it's seems pretty awesome while I'm there.
This week, I Can't Believe...
I can't believe that...

 I've been such a terrible blogger lately.  I love my blog but most people wouldn't know that based on my most recent posts - or lack there of.
I can't believe that...

We bought a car two weeks ago.  Seriously, I'm still shocked.
I can't believe that....

My younger dog, Orion (Little Man) turned 3 the other day!
More on that to come.
I can't believe that...

I only have three weeks left of my grad school class for this semester. 
I'm pretty over it, so I'm ready to be done.
I can't believe that...

Spring break is a week and half away.
I can't believe that....
It's April and in my opinion, it still feels like winter!!
Pull yourself together, Mother Nature!
I can't believe that....
I'm finally on the 7th Harry Potter book.
 I'm kinda dreading the end though because I know that even though this is my second time through the whole series, I'm still gonna feel that sense of loss at the end.
I hate finishing a good book. Especially when it's part of a good series.
I can't believe that....
The hubs is house sitting allllll week and I miss him so much. 
 It's amazing how I can enjoying something so much and not really know it until I'm missing it.  Like, sleeping next to someone every night.  I'm ok once I'm asleep but that time before bed is just so lonely without him :( 
But hey, at least tomorrow is Thursday which means it's almost Friday.
And that means it's almost the weekend!
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