Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh, Kohls, How You Make My Christmas Merry.

I got word today from a reliable resource that Kohl's was having a 50% off sale. I checked the flier and it was true! Normally, this wouldn't excite me all that much because 50% off is still too expensive for this cheap girl but we happened to have tons of Kohl's cash from black friday shopping.

Needless to say we were out the door after reading the flier in less than 5 minutes.  So here's what we ended up with:

Shopping Haul!

Jeremie only got 2 pairs of pants because none of his items were clearance.  I was able to get 6 shirts, a dress and a pair of slippers.  And do you wanna guess how much we spent?  17 dollars!!! I added it up when we got home just for haha's and we would have spent over $400 if we purchased everything at full price.  But thanks to some Kohl's cash, a 50% off sale and a 20% off coupon we spent less than 20 bucks!

After thrifting, Kohl's would be my next stop shop.  Mainly because you can get some awesome deals. The thing is, you can't go in and go straight to the full price items (Jeremie).  You have to go to the clearance rack first.  I got 4 items tonight that were less than $4 each.  

Kohl's really understands me.  They know the perfect way to start off the holiday season!


  1. LOVE Kohls. This is pretty fantastic. =)

    1. Thanks! I love deals like this! They make me almost giddy.